About the author

I have niche envy. I love watching people do things well and listening to people who know things well. However I’m too easily intrigued to get good at any one thing, to find my niche. I admit to the overuse of adjectives and hyperlinks. Expect disjointedness, repetition and self-deprecation. I hope you’ll find something in this collection of ideas and things that inspires you in your niche whatever that may be.

I’m a wife, a mother of one 6 year old, one 4 and a half year old and toddler twins, an employee with an iPhone that keeps me on my toes, an ex-pat Brit whose addresses are embarrassingly numerous, and an avid collector of stories, information and experience.

Yours, Louise

note: header image attributed to Spree2010

2 thoughts on “About the author

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  2. Oh Louise, Life is so strange. You came into my thoughts yesterday, or the day before, so clearly. I wondered about you and your family. Now, here you are, a “to-be-mother-of-twins. How wonderful. Yes, life is full of surprises. Blessing, Warmly, Beth

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