Aiming for (Frozen) Perfection

Right before you arrive in town-center of Farmington nestled in central Maine, you’ll drive past a house with an enormous billboard on its roof touting inexplicable yet intriguing phrases (e.g. “Tomorrow a man will walk in the park wearing nothing but a diaper. Is that legal?”), cross over a bridge spanning a narrow river, and as you pass the little league field on your right you’ll see this sign across the street:

As you pull into your parking space, you are welcomed by this letter and you begin to surmise that you have arrived at a place that aims for perfection. In the form of ice cream. Hello bliss.

There are dozens of different flavors but there are a select few that are worth serious consideration.

I always cheer internally when presented with a few choices – a point we’ll have to discuss later – and I picked my current fave, Moose Tracks with a sugar cone. A perfect blend of award-winning vanilla ice cream with adequate numbers of peanut butter cups hidden among ribbons of rich and slight gritty (in a decadent, sugary way) fudge.

Wikipedia’s entry on perfection begins with a broad definition, “a state of completeness and flawlessness”, and I hazard to say that most of us would add the caveat, that perfection is not attainable here and now. But oh how I enjoy seeing when people strive for it. All the more so when we get to experience it.

We decided to bring back enough for everyone. Because, of course, when you find something that flirts with perfection it has to be shared.

What have you found this summer that was so good, so spectacular that you felt compelled to share it?


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