General Store

Our annual pilgrimage to Maine has to include two specific outings to complete my northern vacation trifecta: visit and enjoy time with my family, enjoy the best local ice cream, and peruse the dizzying aisles at the local Renys, “Your Maine Department Store”.

Smack dab in the middle of the town, Renys is the Walmart of yesteryear but with more panache. It’s a must-go for all your farm gear, foreign foodie delicacies, and everything in between. All mixed together. Like an curious scavenger hunt with no clue list. Note the pool toys next to the sheet sets, and the rugs near the toys and women’s clothing …

You can spend a good afternoon getting lost among the cramped shelves in sheer consumer paralysis, or in my case complete joy-filled fascination. It’s oddly centering to hunt through the seeming chaos and it satisfies my urge to find a good bargain. Even if it is nabbig a well priced lobster-shaped maple syrup sugar confection to thank my colleague for filling in for me while away on our trip to Maine.


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