Open Source Paper Alphabet

I’ve already noted how much I delight in online sharing and learning and shared learning. Here is another truly lovely example I came across on Pinterest via Jodi McKee (a #mustfollow). Markus of Digitprop has curated, among many other incredible things, a library of three dimensional papercraft letters he designed complete with free downloads and tutorials. Take a look at his work … it’s truly amazing, an inspiring marriage of whimsy and precision. Bravo – for your skill and your willingness to freely share your talent!

Next stop, the craft store for the correct weight paper and an X-ACTO knife … #pumped.


I *heart* Infographics and Motion Graphics

When we moved back to the UK after the first of two stints in the NYC suburbs during the middle of elementary school (yes it’s confusing), our new house had an extra bedroom that our parents “gave” to my twin sister and I as our playroom. It was a fair sized space with a tiny wash basin in the left corner as you walked in which we thought was fancy. Facing you were thick maroon floor to ceiling velvet curtains to keep out the damp English chill that can creep in through hundred year old windows. The surrounding floral wallpaper was chosen to compliment the curtains but you could never really see it from behind the National Geographic map inserts and art class projects hanging on the walls.

One of my most fond memories of the playroom and that time in my life was when we turned it into a museum. My sister and I took on the roles of archeologist, archivist, curator, and thanks to some crafty ticket-making, docent (our patient Mum was the most frequent patron of our museum). We scoured the house for artifacts, created some of our own to round out the collection and after some research jazzed up with a dash of creative license, we composed thoughtful note cards explaining each piece, highlighting its importance and likely date of origin. It was the best. game. ever. Coming in close second was any occasion when I was reading through World Book Encyclopedia. So deep is my genuine enjoyment for information, trivia, random things.

Infographics and motion graphics rest in one of the highest echelons of my nerd heart – not only do they convey information which I adore, they do so with deft use of aesthetics. Just delightful! Below is a sampling:

Do you have any you love, made you laugh, found compelling enough to change your thoughts/behavior?