Amplified Accountability

Encouragement can be one of the most powerful forces we can experience. When encouragement comes at just the right time, there can be an amplifier effect. Such was the case when I happened upon a short video of the inimitable Ira Glass talking about how to endure and thrive in creative growth.

I had been a bit preoccupied about my own growth (I blame the tyranny of LinkedIn endorsements), and in the midst of my worry came a clear message from Mr. Glass: keep at it – whatever the ‘it’ may be – and you’ll see progress. Just the sort of accountability I needed as I muddle along writing here, and writing in my head as I shower in the mornings (I’m sure other normal people do that too).

Not only do the words themselves offer hefty inspiration, but the kinetic typography and the font types are so winsome they burnish this already uplifting message with an aesthetic oomph. I hope the handful of people – hello to Niche Envy readers in Brazil and Spain!! – who happen upon this page are as encouraged as I was.