About the author

I have niche envy. I love watching people do things well and listening to people who know things well. I’m too easily intrigued to get good at any one thing, to find my niche. So I’ll collect others’ brilliance here to admire and envy. I hope you’ll find something in this collection of ideas and things that inspires you in your niche whatever that may be.

I’m a wife, a mother of one 7 year old, one 5 and a half year old and toddler twins, an employee with an iPhone that keeps me on my toes, a native Brit whose addresses are embarrassingly numerous, and an avid collector of stories, information, and experiences.

Warning: I am an overuser of adjectives and hyperlinks. Expect disjointedness, repetition and self-deprecation.

You’ll also find some things I write about on parenting here on Huffington Post.

Yours, Louise

note: header image attributed to Spree2010


4 thoughts on “About the author

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  2. Oh Louise, Life is so strange. You came into my thoughts yesterday, or the day before, so clearly. I wondered about you and your family. Now, here you are, a “to-be-mother-of-twins. How wonderful. Yes, life is full of surprises. Blessing, Warmly, Beth

  3. Hey this is Kat…..My husband and I just saw you at the store….guess what he
    says on the way home – “She rocks that gray hair!” I never mentioned your back to natural hair journey to him. We both agree that you look awesome.😸

    • THANK YOU! What a treat and encouragement and so kind! I’ve been composing some thoughts about – as you so artfully put it – this journey back to natural hair. Hope to put those words together some time. I continue to appreciate you!

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